Daily chart Ethereum 5 legenda

Relative chart against the Bitcoin

Probably one of our most important charts within our analysis is the daily relative chart against the Bitcoin. We are charting all our graphs against the US$ as our clients are all over the world. However, Bitcoin remains the benchmark in the Crypto currency land. That said, outperformance or underperformance of a coin against the Bitcoin is of major importance to be aware of.
We always chart the individual Crypto coin on a daily basis.
The thick blue line shows the relative strength of Ethereum against the Bitcoin. Please note that we are seeing trends within this relative chart as well., confirmed by the red trend lines. In the second half of last year Ethereum was weaker than the Bitcoin. So, we preferred an investment in Bitcoins over Ethereum during that time. However, this trend was broken by mid-December, clearly showing outperformance of Ethereum into the beginning of February from where another phase of underperformance started.
Ethereum is back right now, showing outperformance against the Bitcoin since the beginning of May.