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Crypto Currency Analysis

About what we are doing…….

We believe that technical analysis is the best way to analyse the crypto currency market. Price
developments in crypto currencies are in the purest way premised on technical analysis, supply and demand. Nevertheless, we consider liquidity, market cap and circulating supply as of major importance in selecting those Crypto currencies. Which are offering a good risk/reward ratio.

Top 8 cryptocurrency selection

This resulted in a top 8 crypto selection as: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, EOS, Monero, Zcash and Dash. We are looking for the best outperforming cryptocurrency within this selective group. Furthermore there is a focus on interesting entry points and selling opportunities within our selected cryptocurrencies. You can expect daily updates with a short-term trading recommendation or long-term investment and intra-day updates via social media in case of extreme volatility.

Extreme volatility

We believe that extreme volatility in these markets remains possible and should be considered as a blessing in disguise in these not overly regulated markets. Which in turn immediately highlights the risks of pump-and-dump schemes, manipulated prices etc. Therefore, we prefer to analyse coins with a large circulating supply.

Free Market comment, the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index 7 december 2018

BLOOMBERG GALAXY CRYPTO INDEX: The downtrend continues, within unchartered territory again…….

Short-term: Down  (7 dec 2018)

Prices broke below the crucial horizontal support around 242.65 in the past few days, ending the consolidation and continuing the downtrend.
At the moment prices are pausing above the horizontal support around 205.10. An hourly close below this support level suggests………..

The outperforming currencies

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Explanation of our work

We believe that being successful in technical analysis is a result of knowing what you are exactly doing, developing……….

Our team

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